Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Weekly End

Snapshots of the week:

This past week was the celebration of my early 29th Birthday. My Birthday is not until the 11th but Ryan figured it would be better if we celebrated a couple days before due to our busy schedules. He really surprised me this year. I have to say he completely spoiled me and showed me how much he loves me. 
1.)  the biggest gift I got was???? If you guessed puppy, you were spot on. She is a Dorkie(Yorker and Dachshund mix). We named her "Izzy" Isobel Rose to be exact from my two favorite characters on "Downton Abbey".  

2.). Ryan bought me my favorite Cheesecake!! I have had a great love for it since the Golden Girls Reference 

3.) He also to me to my favorite whole in the wall, Lina's Cantina for their famous tacos!!!! Yum, Yum

4.)  then we went to a indoor water park.which Ryan knows I love anything to do with water. Even though I was pretty pale to be in a swimming suit but it's March so what can you do ;)

5.)My family sent me awesome gifts( I got one like everyday in the mailbox) it was amazing!! I miss them so much!!!!!!!!

6.) Then if Ryan hadn't done enough he took me to Jones Bros Cupcakes for my vary on bday cupcake.

7.) Then we went out for Sushi!! Yeah Baby!!!

I have to say it was a great bday!!!!

Favorite Posts/Pins/Articles of the week:
* Cutting Your Own Hair by Delightfully Tacky
* Really cool/easy way to make mobile apps for events, conferences, etc.
* Really excited about this book! So amazed and inspired by these ladies!
* While we're on the topic, check out this amazing photography post!
* Just started reading Happier at Home and really loving it so far!

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