Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Weekly End

Snapshots of the week:

1.) Now that it's April it's time to set aside all unhealthy eating. Due to the fact that it's almost the time of year that everyone fears..... Swimsuit Shopping!!! The thought of it makes me quench. Especially for me. I have a short torso, small upper half, and broad lower half (yes, I have a butt)
So in preparation of this horrible experience I have fixed something healthy for dinner every night this week.

2.) Ryan and I received a special gift in the mail from Galveston, TX!!! We are in love with Vans and have about five pairs each ever since we visited the Vans Outlet in Galveston.

3.) We also had a special birthday to order for our Harlynn Darlin. Ryan's niece is so special to us so we love to spoil her with our love of Disney. So we pre much spent an entire evening texting Ryan's Sister Courtney back and forth trying to pick out a lovely gift off of this is the Picture Courtney sent us of her in her Minnie Mouse nightgown and nighttime story book. We also sent a personalized name Minnie Mouse beach towel with hood. I can not wait to have my own kids someday so I can spoil them in Disney Magic!! Haha

4.) Ryan had another overnight this week so Izzy and I spent it watching "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" one of my all time favorites


3 Things About Yours Truly:
* I don't mind getting shots, but I get a little queasy giving blood.
* I've been on a Boy Meets World watching binge lately. Favorite show!
* I have to have a giant jug of water and lip balm on my nightstand before going to bed. 

Inspiring Me this Week:
Time to get active and get into shape for summer ! I'm starting off slow, but I've been loving Blogilates! Such fun, motivational videos.

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