Monday, April 14, 2014

S'mores Buffet Station for a special event!!

After my post about making homemade marshmallows..  I was on a roll and started thinking about the Treat buffets we use to do at events and weddings.. and thought I would throw out a few ideas.

There are so many delicious sweets out that there, that it can sometimes be tricky to hone in on one goodie for your guests. One of my all time favorites is a S’mores Station for several reasons…

1. You have an excuse to build a fire or you can use a fire pit if that is deemed more appropriate.
2. A fire at your wedding (in a positive light, not like the time we accidentally lit the hay bales on fire…) makes for a great photo opportunity and is perfect for a chill, summer night.
3. It gets your guests moving, chatting and just about everyone likes s’mores.
4. You can use your creativity, with different flavored marshmallows and chocolate, or you can keep it old school for a traditional crowd pleaser.
5. You can tie ribbons and decorate the sticks for an even more fun experience.
6. This way you can have S’mores at your wedding! I don’t think it gets better than that!
If I haven’t convinced you yet why this would be a brilliant idea to add to your dessert station or even as a “groom’s cake”, I am officially speechless, but I do have plenty of pictures for you to look at!

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