Friday, August 12, 2016

Harry Potter Fans will understand.. Always...

If your a Harry Potter fan the the word "always" means a great deal to you! If your not a fan then you probably believe that us HP fans have an unhealthy obsession that needs serious attention. I didn't start out early as an HP fan(I just grew up with it). My sister was obsessed from the moment the books started to come out. It got worse when the movies came out. She had all the books, snow globes, bookends, soundtracks, etc. It became a HP family event or weekend everytime a new movie came out. I finally got on board by the last two movies and was just as obsessed. My obsession began when I worked for Walt Disney World. I got a chance to go to The Wizardly World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios a few days after it opened. After, walking over the bridge and seeing the movies come to life changed my perspective on HP. I've been back several times since then but I have to say I am still not a fan of Pumpkin Juice but love Butter beer.
When the last movie came out it was a big deal for my sister and I. I even brought HP tshirts back from Universal for us to wear to HP7:Part 2. 
When the "always" scene came on I have to admit I was crying!!! With Universal Studios opening new additions to the HP park, I believe the HP followers are stronger then ever!! Even Disney has got on board with their ABC Family HP Weekends & HP Tuesdays. Which I have to say has become an outlook for me when I'm having a bad day.

 I wouldn't even mind a "Deathly Hallows Always" Tattoo. To see how big the HP franchise has become just type into Pinterest or Etsy the two words "Harry Potter" and you will be surprised what comes up from Decorative Pillows to Stylish HP Weddings.

I so wish that Flower Play had got a chance to do a HP themed event (we did do Twilight and Alice in Wonderland themed weddings). We would have pulled out all the HP stops!!
I plan on being an HP fan from years to come and if you do not understand this post open a HP book. Or pop in some popcorn, turn off the lights, grab a warm blanket, and watch all 8 Harry Potter movies from start to the end.  Believe me you will truly understand the meaning of the word "always". I also suggest you take a trip to Universal Studios and check out The Wizardly World of Harry Potter. If you are still wondering why I posted this then you may just be a boring muggle and will never understand....

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