Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Duggar Obsession

I have to say I am really getting into the Duggar reality TV show "19 Kids and Counting." Even though it's been on the air for 10 years I just never watched it or gave it a chance. But Now with the new Book "Growing up Duggar" written by the four older girls
and all the Wedding talk I gave it a chance one night when I was bored and was flipping channels and landed on TLC. It just happened to be a rerun of Jill and Derick's Proposal.
So after that episode I was hooked. I went back a little and caught up on the last two seasons.  Now I'm up to speed and Safe to say obsessed. I love the girls outfits, makeup, and hairstyles. Not to mention that they are amazing Christians with great attitudes on life and values.
I just fell in love with Jessa and Ben's Proposal in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Eureka Springs has been my place to get away from reality since I was alittle kid. It was like my little story book town. My family use to go to Eureka Springs at least once every other month. I miss walking up and down the streets or taking a trolley and being in wonder like I had never been there before. Eureka Springs is very beautiful and oh so magical. Especially in the Fall time.
So when I realized the proposal was in Eureka Springs I had to watch.  The actual proposal took place at the beautiful Thorn Crown Chapel in the woods right before you enter Eureka Springs.
Even though the actual wedding has not aired yet on TLC it doesn't mean the blushing bride has not posted a few photos on her Instagram and the Bridal shop she purchased her dress at since their wedding on November 1.

 Jessa surprised everyone by bucking tradition and wore a blush-colored wedding dress down the aisle! Her dress was very different then I imagined but I loved it! The bridal gown was from the Allure Modest Collection in a blush color.
Who says you have to wear "White". Back in the 1800s and before they wore anything they had or whatever they wanted. Wedding gowns have not always been white. It is a stunning dress and a lovely choice for Jessa Duggar(Seewald)

On another not I would have to say the Duggar Girls have great style! Who says modesty can not be a popular pin on Pinterest. Their hair, makeup, and clothes are so darn cute. One of my new favorite outfits was from Jessa and Ben's engagement shoot. I really want to know wear her outfit is from but I have not found a source yet.

If you were wondering what the secret to those big, beautiful curls? Find out in the video below! While you are eating tater tot casserole... Haha

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I am really looking foward to the wedding planning episodes and the wedding of Jessa and Ben. What can I say I love Weddings!


  1. Not gonna lie.. I LOVE this show! It's like my secret guilty pleasure... I've even watched that video on their curls! haha. Did you read that book? I've been wanting to read it!

    1. I know right.. its addicting! I haven't read the book yet but just checked it out from our local library. So, I can not wait to get time to actually settle down and have me time and read it!! I've never been one to watch reality TV but I'm hooked. Looking forward to watching Jessa and Ben's wedding next season. Have you been watching the show long?