Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Weekly End

Snapshots of the week:

1.)  I have always been a big fan of Sleeping Beauty but I'm in love with the new "Maleficent". It is very magical yet mysterious like "Alice in Wonderland"(Johnny Depp version).  This Lovely 
 DVD was my Tuesday Surprise to brighten my day.

2.) On Thursday I spent my afternoon at one of my favorite hide away spots "the library". I'm so 
  excited to start a new book. I just love that old book smell...

3.) Scarf Season!!! I pulled out all of my scarves and this is the first one I wore out to have fun with a evening with friends.

4.) We went out with our good friends, Jackie and Bryan Jacoby and Jason Nunn, to see the new movie "Interstellar". It was defiantly a thinker movie. Wonderful special effects, you really felt like you were in outer space. I would rate it a must see movie but you felt like your mind had been blown when the credits started to roll.

Favorite Posts/Pins/Articles: 
* I just love these refurbished Wanderlust Globes that can be found on etsy. I'm inlove with maps, globes, or anything to to do with travel.
*Fall always make me think of decorative salads. I don't know why maybe because we use to eat at Myrtie Mae's Cafe in the Fall every time we visited Eureka Springs, AR. Myrtie Maes is amazing their know for their ongoing salad and soup bar. There are many kinds of decorative salads and muffins it's like you've stepped back in time to a ladies 1950s luncheon. I can not wait to make this fluffy cranberry salad for the holidays.

Inspiring Me this Week:

Since, we have an arctic snow blast coming tonight or tomorrow night I'm inspired to find all my gloves and stocking hats. So, we are prepared and don't freeze!!!❄️

3 Things About Yours Truly:
* I absolutely hate winter but love to see snow fall.
* I can not skii at all it's embarrassing 🎿 I actually broke my leg the first time I got off the bunny slope. 
*There has never been a day I have went without some type fingernail polish on my fingers and toes. 💅Never been able to go nude nails, "I just feel naked!!!!


  1. I really enjoyed this post… we have lots in common ;) I ALMOST always have nail polish on too- I feel naked as well. And nothing makes me happier than a day at the library- wrapped in a warm infinity scarf!! hope your day went well! excited to follow your blog… xo

    1. It's great to hear I have a friend out there that has an unhealthy obsession with nail polish! Haha I love going to the library, it's my place to go when I need to get away from everything. I can get lost for hours in the mystery section. :) thanks for stopping by and I hope you continue to follow! There are so many new things to come with the Holidays approaching. xoxo