Thursday, January 8, 2015

Paleo can happen at Aldis.. I promise!

What do you buy at Aldi? I've been asked more than once by more than one person.

So, here ya go. I wrote this list to introduce someone to Aldi who was feeling skeptical. These are things our family buys at Aldi. Most follow paleo guidelines, but not all. I know there are even more  items your family may like from Aldi, these are just the ones most frequently on our list.

Before we get going, let me say:
My first priority right now is a well stocked stash of protein and produce and a little bit of dairy while keeping my expenses as low as possible. I'm making some less-than-ideal choices on food sources because of some choices we are making to put money elsewhere currently. I'm trying not to think about the factory farms that most of it came from. Don't get me wrong, I totally believe it is worth it to spend money on quality food from local and sustainable sources. But sometimes you gotta make choices. And, I just kind of want to prove to people that paleo still works when you don't or can't shop from premium selections (like this girl- if I can do it, anyone can!)

That is why I shop at Aldi. And I like their "no-frills" atmosphere.

Note: Since we shop at Sams as well, some things I prefer to buy there, but I will pick up at Aldi in a pinch or when I don't want a SAMs-sized amount. (I also go to Trader Joe's and other stores at times. But I visit Aldi almost weekly.) I used to buy beef, chicken, eggs, raw milk, and yogurt from local sources, but have cut back due to time and travel constraints. I hope to be able to purchase some of those things at local farmer's markets when the growing season comes back around.

So here we go. Welcome to Aldi.
I kind of tried to list these in order of the path through the store. Which means we're starting off with the  ever classy candy and chip aisle! :(

snacky stuff:
dark chocolate
nuts - various (I like the purple bag of almonds that are dry roasted, unsalted)
raisins - canister or individual packages
unsweetened applesauce - individual packages
fruit leathers and ropes
sweet potato chips
corn tortilla chips

baking staples:
cocoa (seasonal)
canned pumpkin
baking soda
semi-sweet chocolate chips

It gets better…  :)

pantry items:
dried herbs and spices
extra virgin olive oil
dill pickles
fair trade coffee
diced tomatoes
tomatoes and green chilis (like ro-tel)
tomato paste
tomato sauce
priano marinara sauce - glass jar
wild caught canned salmon
sundried tomato pesto - glass jar
mandarin oranges (for salads)

carrots or baby carrots
green onions
avocados (when on sale)
bell peppers
sweet potatoes
berries (when on sale)
clementines (when on sale)

Sometimes, you have to be picky, inspect stuff, and check the box underneath.

refrigerated cases:
sour cream
plain yogurt
bagged spinach
romain lettuce
cream cheese
block cheese

ground turkey (in a roll)
whole chickens
wild caught salmon filets
green beans
broccoli florets
juice concentrate for sweetening recipes

With its limited selection, there are some things you just can't buy at Aldi, which is why I don't exclusively shop there…

But there's no denying we appreciate the way Aldi stretches our grocery budget.

Do you have an Aldi close by? Do you shop there often?

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