Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I was so excited when I signed up again for the exchange. I was a little worried because the year before  I did not receive anything in return from my secret elf. But thought what the heck why not try again. It is such a joy to bring a little warmth and sunshine into a strangers life. You would be surprised how one little token of generosity can turn someones bad day into just a little better.  I know my gift that I received did that for me just when I needed it the most.

 For the holidays this year I spent the whole first of December back at home in Galveston, TX with my family. So, with my southern/ocean roots I figured my special someone should get alittle Texas sunshine since she was from Illinois and I would be mailing it from TX. My special person was Emily of lovewokemeupthismorning blog. I did a little snooping around here and there. Which I came to realize she loved to read just like me. I'm obsessed with reading and have pretty much my own library room full of shelves of books. While stocking my secret person I found out she was the same way. She has one whole wall of nothing but bookshelves of books. Even though we had never met our love for books connected me to her instantly. 

My camera went a little haywire so I don't have the actual pictures I took of my gifts Unwrapped. Just the finished product. :( But here is the list of items I put in the box.

Texas sea glass necklace // Texas Salt Glass Shoppe
Fire Opal Sun Earrings // Gracie's on the Galveston Strand
ribbon tape // target
Wax melts // eighteen seventy one
Strawberry Soy Candle // ikea
Crochet Vintage Button Pin // Handmade by me

I hope you Loved it Emily!


When my box arrived at the door I did not get a chance to open it because I had been out of town so the suspense was killing me till I got back to Nebraska.


When I finally did get to open the gift I was so excited I was literally like a kid on Christmas morning. I discovered that my sweet gift was sent from Megan Pace of latte everyday blog and her Christmas card was sitting nicely on top! The card was so precious it was a little pair of shoes. I just love Mary Engelbreit Stationary. I loved reading about her and her family and how we are both Deep South Girls. Reading the card I realized we had a lot in common. Underneath the card and polka dotted tissue paper was a few little goodies and the perfect tribal scarf(which I am actually wearing right now as I type this) and the sweetest "Thank You" notes. Thank you Megan for the gift! I was experiencing the feeling of homesick blues and your gift put a smile on my face. :)

I just want to send a special shout out to Elizabeth of Oak & Oats and Samantha of Elah Tree for putting this all together and I can not wait till the next exchange!!!


  1. your wrapping is so festive! love it! :) and those thank you notes you got are darling!!

    1. Thanks, Robyn! Yeah, I sometimes get a little carried away with my wrapping. LOL I'm loving these "Thank You" notes. I'm hoping I can stumble across the whole stationary set with this design. Now I just need someone to send them to.. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Kendall!! I just love it!! It's so warm and cozy in the single digits we are experiencing right now in Nebraska.

  3. This is so fun! I love that you documented everything! Thanks so much for being a part of it!

    1. Haha thanks Elizabeth! I wish my camera had not gone mad!! I only had these pictures because I posted them to Instagram :(. Thanks again it was so much fun!! XOXO