Monday, March 16, 2015

Millard West Spring Craft Show Millard, Nebraska

Alittle while ago good friend of mine approached me to do a craft fair. I was very hesitant at first even though I've been doing shows most of my life. But not without the Help from My family's Business. So after a few sad smiley face texts "I agreed"
Once I accepted I went to my trusty Pinterest App and tried to figure out what I could make a ton of but not go completely crazy. So I still felt like I was going crazy at times....

What I didn't realize at the time was my life would revolve around long nights in my little craft room behind my sewing machine.

Well so I started with what I had on hand a ton of vintage buttons, burplap, felt, craft paint, fabric, and lots of thread. And so my projects centered around my three obsessions: vintage, buttons, and owls...

I dug thru closets, thrift stores, antique store to make my projects come to life and be presentable to be sold in the public eye. I worked long hours and even on my 30th Birthday to get everything done by Saturday March 14. Here are a few pics from the night of set up to the morning of the show...

The drive to the show looked like the grapes of wrath!!! We could not even move in the Jeep. Setup did not go so smooth either when we got there and found out our booth space was going to be tucked in a hall way with a set of lockers right in the center of our booth. I was so upset and everyone was trying to calm me down. I just felt like we had been ripped off. Then after a much needed complaining and alittle bit of my "inner goddess" a space became available. Which was wonderful!!!
Here is a pic of what we accomplished after moving twice.

Decorated but very empty and hard to see without product!
The next morning I showed up at 7am to start the magic of the details and laying product out. Here is our finished product pictures.. 

I wish we would have had more time to create a backdrop for our booth..

           Me sneaking a coffee

Jackie smiling pretty for the camera

So what did I learn from this craft show experience??? We needed some kind of wall dividers to close out our booth from others.  It takes a lot of friends/"warm bodies" to pull it off you can not do it alone and "Patience"..
All and All it was a good show and we were very happy of the outcome! Till next time!!!


  1. love your booth ideas! and you are so generous sharing your product ideas! My son's school sent a paper yesterday that they are having craft booths at his fall supper next weekend...I was considering renting a space but I think after reading your post I'll wait (1 week + 2 days doesn't seem like enough time) and prepare for it next year! Thanks...I could have really stressed myself out!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad my post was helpful. Craft shows are so much work but I don't want to discourage you they are so much fun too! 1 week and 2 days is not much time and I am pretty sure I would be freaking out unless I already had the product! haha We ended up signing up for the fall show and believe me we learned so much and were prepared with backdrop and a backup plan haha Good luck it will keep you busy!!! xoxo