Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Weekly End

There is so much that has gone on this week!! I don't even know where to start... Well I guess I could start with I'm officially "30" years old!!!! Scary..right? The last couple of weeks prior to my birthday have been very difficult, busy, and making wonder how I have gotten this far without pulling out all my hair!!!(and let me tell you it really makes a girl think 💡.)

1.) my birthday selfie and bday pin!

2.) some birthday gifts.. I know I've been dieting a lot lately but under no circumstances am I going to turn down a peanut butter power drink from Scooters. My go to make up is BareMinerals all the way Baby!! I do not wear anything else expect my face creams and wash which are Philosophy. 50 shades OPI nail polish from my momma.

3.) finally broken down and ordered business cards before the craft show. 

4.) my life lately has been to eat sleep and dream about the craft show. So glad it's finally over I feel like a real weight has been lifted of my shoulders.

5.) Back onto my tshirt quilting for the lovely KK.. Hopefully it will be done in April I had to pick the most hands on pattern.

6.) Sunday Movie Day!! Ryan took me to see Cinderella it was very lovely. I am so happy to see Downton Abby stars making their way to the silver screen!!

Three things about yours truly..

1.) I have a secret love to watch Ghost Whisperer Episodes and The Golden Girls Episodes over and over again, it's kind of my go to when I'm having a bad day.

2.) I have a good friend that lives far away  that I have know since before kindergarten. She is always there when I  need her and alway knows what to say. I love you Dani!!

3.) I have an obsession with nail polish and eye makeup. I do not go anywhere without it!!

Hope you are having a lovely week!!! What motivates you to get threw a very stressful week?



  1. YAY! Cinderella! I cannot wait to see it :)

    1. It did not disappoint!!! You should go see it very soon!!!! It was just a beautiful movie!