Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Rad 90s Flashback!!!

A couple of nights ago we went to the raddest party in along time. We were celebrating our friend Dr. Matt Taylor's 32nd birthday. His girlfriend Stephanie sent out invites a month before and after that the 90s costume hunt began. I have to say I think we went to almost every goodwill in the State of Nebraska. Ryan found his outfit in under 10 minutes me not so much... I went all over town and finally settled for a 90s soft grunge look with neck choker, combat boots, mood ring, black knee highs, and a real 90s vintage lacoste sweater(that I found at "The Flying Worm" Vintage Store), and black bowler hat. Ryan went for the Metallica/Kurt Cobain look with plaid shirt, baggy ripped jeans with big silver chain attached to wallet, skater van shoes, and Generation DX wrestling t-shirt.

Stephanie and Matt had went all out from slap bracelets to several cans of the neon green drink "Surge".

 I was so surprised to see that everyone was decked out in their 1990's best attire from overalls, Starter jackets, Doc Martens, neon nail polish and glitter, blonde tipped hair, and favorite 90's celebrity costumes( from the movie Clueless to Brittany Spears)

Matt's Birthday Cake was a large stack of soft Debbie cake type brownies with frosting.

The whole night was like we had just stepped back in middle school.  It was the "Bomb!!"

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