Monday, November 16, 2015

DIY She-Cave Back Porch Remodel

 I was drinking my coffee yesterday while looking out at the back porch. While starring through the glass panes of the French Doors in a needing "more coffee" state. I pondered of how I could dress up the empty unused back porch.

Since, the holidays are fast approaching we have started pulling items out of the living room to make room for the tree and such. Till all the holidays are over these unused chairs and items will collect dust in the garage. So, why not limit the dust and use them. Then after the holidays we can look for new items for the living room haha.
After my sister got done with class I rallied her to help me decorate the blank space. Here is what we came up with.

 We hung curtain rods I found in the garage along with leftover curtains from the living room. 

Then we hung up hanging mason jars with votives for warmth. We had one empty wall so we decided to create a collage with a few of my art pieces I brought with me along with some odds and ends.

My favorite pieces are the human heart and rib cage prints with the assorted flowers. They are so pretty but also look like they should be on that reality TV show "Oddities".  I found them at a little shop in Galveston on the Historic Strand Street call Hendley Market. They carry strange and unusual gifts and collectibles. Only a medical student would understand why I fell in love with these two prints haha

We put up two large old screens for the other wall that we found on the property also they tied in the dark green.

The rest of the room was just items we found around the house and garage. Some of the items were even set aside for goodwill but you would be surprised what a little paint can do.

That large clock was on the side of the road in Galveston. I guess it had rolled out of somebody's junk/trash. Yes, I pulled over and picked it up.

All that is left to do is grab a glass of wine, sit back, and enjoy the glow of candle light. 

I hope this inspires you to grab an unused space and recreate a room that will inspire thought and relaxation. Happy Junk Digging!!

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