Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Our Summer Road Trip

So I will start with some of my explaining on were I have been the last six months.
Let me take you back to before the six months...

 Ryan decided to join the Air Force which was a very long process for us. We played around with the idea of renting out our house while we were traveling with the Air Force but then after a few shady interviews with a few people and talking with some friends and family we made the decision to put the house on the market. As most of you know I loved our cozy, colorful, cute house and so did Ryan so it was a very hard choice. The military gave Ryan till about September before he would leave for Basic in San Antonio so we figure we would probably need all that time to sell it. Instead it sold two weeks after putting the sign in the front yard. We were shocked and I will have to say we believed it was to good to be true.
We prayed and worried the whole time up to seconds before leaving for our road trip that was in the middle of June. Finally, after a hair pulling closing it closed. We were happy!! So we packed up our bags and hit the road for a month and half southern road trip with a pit-stop in St. Louis to see Ryan's amazing Papa.

We left Nebraska and drove all the way to Galveston, TX were my family lives to start our summer adventure. I was tickled pink because my sister is my best friend and I missed her so much. Plus, my parents are going thru a divorce after thirty years of marriage. Which is showing us just how strong we are. It has been rough on both of us(as adult children) but she is the one that has been living it everyday. She needed a break from it all. Ryan and I were just what she needed.

We went swimming in the ocean, road the ferry and got the best free view of dolphins,

and we went to Pleasure Pier and road all the rides. Yes, I got We also went to Moody Gardens. We had a very full itinerary.

From there we got lost looking for Plantation Road.... So I'm not the best at directions and can get lost in my own neighborhood but that's another story...
I really wanted to show Ryan what a real Plantation looked like. To me the grandest one is Oak Alley. Its mouth dropping when you come up on it.
Luckily, we found it before we got to off course and behind schedule. 
Ryan loved it just as much as I did and even took a few selfies haha

From there we drove to New Orleans, LA
to eat some "Man Catch'n Beignets" 😉and listen to some good old Jazz music. 

Then it was off to Jacksonville, FL to visit my favorite people. Since, Ryan and I have been together for Almost ten years his family has become my family. I love his sisters as I love my own Sister, I witnessed the birth of his oldest sister's first child, and I love & spoil them as my nephew and niece.
His sisters are the sweetest. I could talk to the oldest one for hours on the phone and I love making things for the youngest one and seeing the woman she has become!! Anyways, Yes I love Ryan's family very much. His parents are my second parents and I'm glad they are in my life. So, to make a long story short..
 I was just as excited as Ryan to see his sister, brother inlaw, and our nephew and niece.

While we were there we ate the most wonderful seafood and got to tour St. Augustine, FL. 
It was amazing stop on our trip and unforgettable.

Then we drove down to our old stomping grounds: Walt Disney World. Because the two of us can not go to Florida without visiting were we met and fell in love haha. Since, we are no longer Cast Members we only went to Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney. 

Then we drove all the way back up thru so many states I am not going to list them all just post a few pictures.

Then we arrived at our final stop on our trip outside of St. Louis, MO.
Which is OFallon, IL were Ryan's Papa lives. We had so much fun catching up and I could tell Ryan was so happy we made the trip. Just look at those big smiles on their faces. 

As we drove back to Nebraska it started to set in what was really getting ready to happen. Ryan's date for the Air Force had been moved up and now he would not be leaving till Feb. 2. My heart began to break at the thought because that meant we had sold our home, our stuff was in storage, and we had no home. So, we decided to stay one night in Nebraska and leave in the morning and I would go stay with my family for a bit while Ryan lived in his mom's basement for awhile. We have been living in two different states since the second week of August but we have made sure we have seen each other about every couple of weeks and talk on the phone and text everyday. It has been so hard but I guess it is just preparing us for the Air Force Training where it will start off for 8 weeks were we will have hardly any contact with each other. :(  I love him so much and I must be strong but it breaks my heart. I just need to look ahead and know this is for our future! So, this is the "Big Change" I was talking about in my earlier post and the new tab I will be adding is "Military Life". I plan on posting our adventures and experiences, a few DIY ideas for Letters and Military Care Package ideas, and way to survive as an Air Force Girlfriend.  Something I know nothing about but will learn as we go. So we will just roll with the punches

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