Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tablescapes and Thanksgiving Prep

With thanksgiving fast approaching, I'm trying to not go crazy and run around like a turkey with its head cutoff. ;) Since, It is just my mom and sister this year we are trying to keep up our spirits by decorating and staying with tradition. My sister and I have covered the house in Christmas decor and left the Dining Room to just Thanksgiving decor. Since, this house is full of very large luver doors we can just close that room off and everything else is Christmas.
This year for Thanksgiving I have decided to take over the stress of cooking for my mom. I love to cook and Thanksgiving cooking is kind of my thing so I'm kind of excited about putting together a small little feast for us. I have cooked Thanksgiving in the past for Ryan and I but I have never cooked it for my family. Especially my mom, if it wasn't for my mom I would not have a love for cooking. She has taught me everything I know and she herself is an amazing cook!!! She can cook anything from Deep Southern to Mexican. And believe me I'm not saying this because she's my mom but she is awesome!! So, I have a plan to keep up with her incredible cooking. I'm planning on doing all my prep work tomorrow. That way all I have to do is pop it in the oven on Thursday. I'll let you guys know how it goes! In our family, it is not just the food that makes the holiday, it's the Decorations! For my table center piece, I chose to keep it traditional with a cornucopia filled with pumpkin, squash, and dried pods along with raffia, and a lantern with mini pinecones. No tablescape would be complete without a runner to pull it all together. I chose a natural woven square runner to display it all.
As you can see in the background, I am still working on the buffet. I have a burlap runner, large pumpkin basket, 2 large mason jar drink canisters, and pillar candles. I'm just waiting till tomorrow to see how much room I will have after I select my Corning Ware for the dishes. I also refurbished a lovely wreath that was destroyed by my sister's dorky dog. He actually dug it out of my suitcase and destroyed it in his kennel. He even ate the wood letters!!! I was pretty upset at the time. He's a little goofy but he's sweet and what can you do. Anyways, I wanted to save some part of it because a dear friend had made it for me but I have to say it looks completely different due to there being nothing left. Also, there was some very large wholes in the yarn where the dog thought it was food which forced me to completely change the look. So here it is refurbished out of items I found around the house such as stencils, craft paint, and burlap. I took the felt flowers from the original design and built the new design around that. I unfortunately could not fix the wood letters so I got the idea of recreating the "Give Thanks" phrase with mini bunting, letter stencils, and craft paint.
I think it turned out pretty well for off the top of my head fix. Wish you all could have see the original it was adorable. Finally, I finished the look off with an old barn wood sign for display.
 I'll keep you all posted on the full thanksgiving set-up with pictures! Hope everyone has a yummy turkey day with all your family and friends! 


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