Saturday, January 2, 2016

Downton Abbey Final Season Premiere

About 500 gazillion people will be watching the Final Season premiere of Downton Abbey tomorrow in the US and I bet a few of you would like to know how you can bring a little Downton Abbey vibe into your own little abode. In the words of Mr. Carson, "If you are tired of style, you are tired of life." You may not live in a castle or manor, but these tips will give your little party class this Sunday. I feel it is time to reveal photographic evidence of my little party I have been putting together since I've been down with streptococcus!! Haha

Some might say I am a Downton addict. I would say I just enjoy a beautiful era and the finer things in life haha I am so sad to say good-bye but I have queries that have kept me on the edge of my seat these many months. If you also have been wandering if Bates and Anna will ever get a happy ending, will Lady Mary find true love again, and will Lady Edith ever tell Lady Mary that she is Marigolds Mother then you might be just as smitten with Masterpiece's Downton Abbey as I am. So in honor of the final season😩 I thought I'd celebrate with a Downton inspired tea and viewing party! Never seen the series? Not to worry, many of these tea time ideas can be adapted to other festive romantic occasions.

Of course with no Mrs Pattmore to bake crumpets or Carlson on hand to oversee the tea service, this fete might be a tad scaled down by Downton standards; and since my "downstairs" is a basement consisting of storage boxes and a dusty treadmill rather than well dressed footman and kitchen maids, I kept things easy to make with a staff of two (my sister and I). She also is smitten with the series as I am. I've been talking for weeks that we were having a little tea party in honor of the final season, but she had no idea that I was serious in sticking to a perfect Downton Theme.

It was a perfect way to celebrate sister bonding and Downton.  It was a chance to dress up, eat & drink our Downton wine and tea we have been saving for this special night purchased at World Market.

I highly recommend the whole “theme party” thing for final premiers. They deserve to be celebrated but you don’t want people to think you might be obsessed lol A little theme party with close friends is such a fun idea. OK you get the gist…here are the pics!

First things first. Cup of tea.

 Images of Downton characters are easy to find online. 

Simply enlarge whomever you choose, print out and using glue attach to sturdy paper. 

Glue on a craft stick and some flair if desired and get into character!

One of my next favorite items were these cute paper dolls.

I printed these paper dolls from here! We also put a lot of photos of the cast into frames and placed them around the room (but I failed to take a picture of this)

The many emotions of the Dowager Countess

 When it comes to the elegant China you might ask yourself, 
 I have no formal matching tea sets for twelve? Me neither. Mixing a variety of yard sale and hand me down teacups and saucers with some silver for sparkle can look surprisingly elegant.

Ivy from the supermarket and some faux flowers brighten a winter afternoon

Be lord or lady of your own grand but scaled-down estate with an easy mini Downton votive. 
Print out any preferred image of the Abbey, to appropriate size. Using a craft knife carefully cut out several windows. 

Tape discreetly onto clear candle holder or vase and pop in a flameless votive or two! I liked the way this square container worked with the architecture of the abbey. It gives the light a warm glow. I used two identical printouts to wrap completely around the votive.

Little extra touches
During commercial breaks why not test your knowledge and play Downton Trivia?
 Fun questions (and answers) here:
You can offer small tea related prizes for the winner if the thrill of victory isn't enough.
Have a selection of easy instant "costumes" from second hand or party stores: plumed hats, white gloves, derbies, fans and faux pearls for guests to sport to get into the spirit.

There you have it. Now go host a party for the finale! You still have time…Hats! Tea!

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