Hello my Darlings, My name is Mandy Reed. I founded Twigs & Teas way back in the day in 2012. My inspiration to start this blog was a way to share my adventures with my family and friends. I never expected it to turn into a side job, just a chance to get my thoughts out to keep my sanity haha. A lot has changed since 2012, I moved in with my little sister while my beau (Ryan) was away serving in the US Air Force.  So you could say my sister and I got a lot closer. I continued to blog on my thoughts but did not truly find my groove until I teamed up with my adorable fiery redheaded sister. We then started to collaborate on my blog together. Candace started sharing beauty tips, and then I talked her into becoming my coauthor. Candace is my best friend and my complete left brain.
On this blog, we will share our stories, DIY & beauty tips, embarrassing photos, our adventures, military advice, and vital statistics (such as what we do on the weekends & what television shows we are watching). You will find post about crafts, love, food, make-up tips, home décor, and maybe even a few things about Disney.  Our motto is to write a blog that we would want to read, that means our content will evolve throughout the seasons according to what we are passionate about.

The little things we share are a love for anything Harry Potter, soy candles, natural-made beauty products, anything vintage, we are closet Agatha Christie and Pride and Prejudice Junkies, we also love chalkboards, homemade gifts, paper products, moss and tree stumps, burlap, antiques, and anything Disney! We are both tickled pink that you are here! Enjoy.

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